Are Chemtrails Spreading Toxic Heavy Metals That Can Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?

Chemtrails contain metals like aluminum which may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The chemical sprays get into our respiratory systems and then spread through our bodies. Chemtrail aerosols contain nano particles that can get into the bloodstream and wind up in our brains.

Chemtrail Los Angeles, California, USA December, 2013

Chemtrail Los Angeles, California, USA December, 2013

Chemical Spraying May Be Blocking Consciousness

One reason chemtrails may have been going on so long (since 1996) is because they might be interfering with our awareness. If toxic compounds like aluminum can numb our brains and put us to sleep, so to speak, then the very thing that can be blocking our consciousness could also be making us less aware that it is blocking our consciousness.

Awareness of Chemtrails is Most Important

The most important thing to know about chemtrails is the fact that you know about them. One’s awareness or consciousness of the problem is the key. Above all else about chemtrail spraying, it is our consciousness that is most important.

Why is this? Because these operations are being conducted quietly and secretly and the powers who control them don’t want people to know what they are doing. Why would they do that? Why isn’t there more information about chemtrails coming from the mass media? There has been the most miniscule news coverage on the TV. These spraying operations are being conducted over populated areas. Why would they expose the population to tons of toxic chemicals?

Geoengineering and Chemical Spraying in Secret

Chemical spraying and geoengineering operations are being conducted in virtual secrecy without any official explanation. There has been no official disclosure of the facts about them. You don’t hear much, if anything at all, from the mainstream media. Even the meteorologists on the local TV weather programs don’t talk about it. Why is that? Is there is some sort of pressure on them not to talk about the tests that were made on air and soil samples or that they might be fired if they did? You can watch the following free documentary to hear one weatherman tell his story.

Download Free Documents and Watch The Free Documentary

Visit and go to the documents page and download the report: ChemtrailEcology.doc to find out about what they don’t tell you on TV and to read about the toxic heavy metals that were found in soil samples. You can also go to YouTube and watch the free documentary “Why in the World Are They Spraying?” to see just how much science has been done on geoengineering so that the public can know what’s really going on.

Many do not like to discuss chemtrails because most people expect that the mainstream news media would tell them if there was something to be concerned about. For them it can’t possibly be true if it isn’t on the news, even though they could easily look up into the sky and see it for themselves. Chemtrail spraying is a worldwide operation with the potential to wipe out all life on the planet, either from exposure to the toxic chemicals through the air we breathe or by the destruction of our soil and water that can kill off the birds, trees and other plants and animals.

The thought that such a program can be carried out secretly on such a massive, global scale can be too much for the average person to accept, but people need to know about it, nevertheless. It’s time for the public to get informed. Plenty of links are provided in this post to help get started.

WATCH VIDEO – Total Whiteout Chem Cover, Los Angeles, CA USA February 15, 2014

Chemical Spraying … a Covert Program?

Is chem spraying being conducted covertly? Do those who are in control want everybody to be asleep and not want the details of the operation to be broadly known? If people start asking a lot of questions then maybe their whole program would start to break down. If people started to become aware of the secretive spraying operations, then it would begin to shed some light on the true facts and probably reveal that chemtrail spraying does more damage than good.

This is not a battle in the conventional sense. This is a battle for our minds because those who are in control want to exert some sort of unseen influence over the population and to just accept what’s going on without question. They want everyone to just go along with the program. When enough people wake up and become aware of it and start asking questions like, “What exactly are they spraying?” and “Why are they doing it?” then we can bring a stop to the chemical spraying of our skies. Somebody has to be doing it and there has to be a reason for it.

We might hear from the mass media that the purpose of the spraying is to stop global warming or that it is for our own good. Don’t buy it. We need to know the real reasons why a small group of people who think that they know better would spray tons of toxic chemicals into the air all over the planet. Do they really think that this would be a good thing?

Talk to your families, your friends and neighbors and just ask them to look up into the sky at the chemtrails all over the place and then ask them if they think this is normal.

Take Precautions to Protect Your Health

1. Stay indoors when there is a lot of chemtrail activity. Pay attention on hazy days. Look off into the distance. That pale white haze you see is not smog (smog is reddish brown in color). The less that people are exposed to it, the better.

2. Chlorella can be used to help chelate heavy metals from the body. You can make green drinks or smoothies with chlorella and spirulina. There are tons of recipes online. Search for instant green drink chlorella.

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  1. The chemtrailing is gathering momentum just now. Even on days where we have beautiful blue skies they are spraying the chem-mist which is probably even worse, (I have sometimes experienced nose bleeds on days like this) At night the sprayers are a different & unusually shaped craft. From my eyesight they appear to be cubes or maybe triangles which fly rather low compared with the day sprayers and the lighting is strange too. Lots of lights in straight rows of mostly red and one or two of white flashing alternately. I really should video these, so will try to buy a camcorder soon. I live in the UK btw. I just wonder how many people are aware of this shocking program? If we could somehow organize ourselves we could do something, but first shouldn’t we try to find each other? A Census maybe? We don’t need details just a nickname, country and region. At the moment we are like screams of desperation in the blackness of night unable to locate each other and organize huge enough demonstrations to make a difference. Imagine a 100k people descending on the Evergreen Airforce Base or any other base the planes are being kitted out and run from? We could force our way in and obtain the proof we need in order to wake up the masses to this crime against ALL living things!

    • Sye – There are a couple of social media sites where you can upload photos. One is and another is on Facebook: Global MARCH Against Chemtrails and Geoengeneering. SkyDerAlert has a downloadable app you can use for a smartphone. You can take a photo of the sky it will capture the visible evidence and it will go to the appropriate government leaders.

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