Are UFO Researchers Being Targeted With Cancer Causing Microwave Weapons?

There have been an alarming number of people who have died suddenly and mysteriously from cancer who were involved in UFO research, ET contact, disclosure, the secret space program and related topics.


Many of these deaths were caused by a sudden onset of cancer, often of a very aggressive type, which took the lives of these people within a few months.

Mysterious Deaths

Several names come to mind. U.S. Congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico, pressed the GAO in the 1990’s and demanded financial records that would have proven the existence of the Roswell incident in July, 1947. He was stonewalled and eventually silenced. He died of cancer in 1998.

I have watched YouTube videos where Dr. Steven Greer told the story about how he lost his assistant and friend, Shari Adiamack, to cancer after both of them contracted the disease around the same time in the 1990’s. Dr. Greer survived, but he is certain that some kind of covert weapon was used.

Then there was an interview with Cobra on Exopolitics Radio with Alfred Lambremont Webre in December, 2013. In this interview, Alfred Lambremont Webre talked about retired Norad Officer and author, Stanley A. Fulham, who died of a fast acting cancer in 2010. His death followed his prediction of a mass UFO sighting by benevolent ETs over the skies of New York.

Mysterious Cancer Deaths in UFO Related Fields:

Deceased Cause of Death Year
Dr. Karla Turner Breast Cancer 1996
Shari Adiamack Breast Cancer 1998
NM Congressman Steven Schiff Squamous Cell Skin Cancer 1998
Stanley A. Fulham Pancreatic Cancer 2010
Philip Coppens Angiosarcoma 2012
Lloyd Pye B-Cell Carcinoma 2013
James Allen Higgins Liver Bile Duct Cancer 2013

Recently I heard the shocking news of the untimely death of James Allen, the producer of the documentary film, Zero-Point – The Story of Mark McCandlish and the ‘Flux Liner’.

The film, in the final stages of production, was about the alien reproduction vehicle, or “Flux Liner”, as it was nicknamed. At 51 years of age James Allen Higgins died on December 12, 2013 from cancer before his film was even released.

James Allen’s death was discussed in an interview with Stephen Bassett, Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group on Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory on March 2, 2014 in a segment entitled “Troubling Deaths”. In this interview, Stephen Bassett also discussed the deaths of Philip Coppens and Lloyd Pye under similar mysterious circumstances.

There has been a suspicion that the Cabal was involved in these deaths somehow (or Secret Shadow Government, New World Order, Military Industrial Complex) but there has not been any kind of explanation for exactly how they did it or the kind of weapon that could have been used.

Stealth Microwave Weapons

Dr. Barrie Trower is a physicist who worked for MI5 (British Intelligence) and is an expert on the use of microwaves as weapons. He has been courageously speaking out trying to inform the public in every way he can and to warn people about this horrible technology.

In the following video of an interview with Dr. Trower by Dr. Henning Witte he exposes the awful truth about stealth microwave weapons. He exposes how this technology has been covertly used to not only cause cancer without the victim even being aware that he or she has been targeted but also that these weapons have been used to kill hundreds of thousands of people over the last 40-50 years without ever leaving a trace.


Dr. Trower lays bare how this technology has been employed as a covert weapon to cause death by cancer. Not only can this technology make a person fatally ill with cancer but also they have been used as a devastating mind control weapon on unsuspecting victims.

“They can be delivered to anybody, anywhere, by any government, … day or night, when you’re sleeping, walking around. The technology is there.”

Shocking Mind Control – A Most Cruel And Unimaginable Thing

Dr. Trower describes in detail the shocking implementation of this technology to “reprogram” an individual to do what the government wants them to do for them. He says that the average person can be broken down for total reprogramming in just 30 hours – without pain, without hypnosis and without drugs.

Usually all the controllers have to do is confine the victim in a cell without food or water, in total darkness without any sound and within 30 hours they will be hallucinating – badly. Then with “synthetic telepathy” microwaves can be beamed right into the brain and the victim can be made to hear a voice. This will be a “very soft, very soothing, very calming” voice that the victim would find comforting. This would have been pre-determined ahead of time.

The voice would say something like, “Are you in trouble? I’m so sorry, let me help.” And this would go on for maybe months or even years. The victim would come to rely on this voice, and if he or she didn’t do what this voice suggests, then the voice disappears and then the victim is back in trouble.

While confined in a cell, in total darkness and total silence the victim learns to depend on this very friendly voice and if he or she talks to the voice and is agreeable with this voice, then he or she would get food and would get light.

Then the victim gets to go home and the voice would wake him or her up in the middle of the night and start asking questions – anyway, you get the idea. Pretty soon he or she will be asked by the voice to do something for the controllers. One can only imagine what that might be.

More Videos With Dr. Barrie Trower

There are many videos on YouTube of Dr. Barrie Trower. A group called the International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies (ICAACT) has a page on their website with several videos which they have produced. The following video called “30 Minute Reality Update” is a short synopsis of Dr. Trower’s early career and how microwave technology became to be used in the 1950s and which continues up to the present day. He talks about how it was discovered that microwaves were causing an unusual number of cancers and how microwaves came to be developed into stealth weapons.


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  1. Gladys Alicea says:

    The reason we’re now locked out of a treasure chest of beneficial gifts to humanity is simply greed. An example that comes to mind is Tesla’s proven theory of using earth’s electromagnetic field to create free global electricity, (related to his microwave energy theory), by using micro-generators is an example of brave scientists following in Tesla’s footsteps, dedicating years developing, suddenly die, their offices, homes and documents destroyed.

    There’s a reason “the rich get richer.” They don’t close the door on “conspiracy theories” like the masses. The rich open it, pat the theory on the back saying “great job,” welcome it in and bolt the door behind it, because they know they’ll be denied more wealth and power of the conspiracy’s truth. The problems that fall into humanity’s lap don’t matter to this bunch. This is why although many don’t understand why our government doesn’t work and nothing get’s done have turned to two of the planet’s wealthiest, greediest, uncaring people. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a chance at power that will only make them richer and those who vote for them poorer in every way imaginable.

    World population is now at seven billion; energy needs grow greater as population increases, yet we look to the ground in places like Brazil, now bankrupt, which has been producing ethanol fuel since the great oil crisis in the 70’s. Nevertheless, existent energy companies dismiss alternate energy sources at all costs. Why? Because greed runs the world (at least the world we see).

    The only chance we have to overcome the true conspiracy-seekers, the first to vehemently deny truth, is by being hyper-curious. Before you view a conspiracy as impossible, take a brave, close look BEHIND the curtain. You’ll find a powerful enemy with enormous capabilities designating and denying “conspiracies” false, which are true, then destroying all the evidence, hoping we just forget about it. In case you haven’t noticed, the Wizard of Oz is doing a hell of a job.

  2. Michael Waters says:

    Government’s interest in Microwave technology is fact.

    The will to weaponize any technology discovered to be lethal is fact.

    Ergo, the hypothesis in this article ought not to be casually dismissed.

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