Zero Point Documentary Now Available on Vimeo

The documentary film “Zero-Point: the Story of Mark McCandlish and the Fluxliner” is now available to view on


Zero-Point is a story about the personal experiences of technical illustrator, Mark McCandlish, and a drawing he made of a secret, man-made space vehicle. The film was the project of producer, James Allen, who passed away from cancer before his film was released and in whose memory the film is dedicated. ... Read Full Story

Man-Made Flying Disc Travels Faster Than Light

One of the most amazing revelations of the Disclosure Project in May, 2001 at the National Press Club Event in Washington, DC was the story told by Mark McCandlish about a technical illustration he made of a type of man-made faster than light flying disc craft called an “Alien Reproduction Vehicle” (ARV).

Mark McCandlish with Flux Liner photos and blueprint (inset)

Mark McCandlish with two Flux Liner photos and cutaway view blueprint (inset)

A video of McCandlish’s story is shown below, which is a clip from the National Press Club Event that was conducted by Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project. ... Read Full Story

Ben Rich, ESP and the 100th Monkey

Ben Rich was the head of Lockheed’s Skunk Works from 1975 to 1991. Many advanced aircraft designs originated from the Skunk Works. Comments made by Rich to attendees after an Alumni meeting of the School of Engineering at UCLA in 1993 have revealed some startling facts about just how much is known about interstellar travel and the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.


What transpired in a conversation with Rich when the event was over is not only significant with regards to our state of technology, but also with regards to Disclosure and how close that day may actually be. ... Read Full Story