New Documentary Film About The Importance of Resonance And Our Galactic Community

TORONTO, CANADA – A recent documentary film by Canadian filmmaker Dr. Lana Marconi called “The Resonance” was released in the Fall of 2015 and deals with the existence of non-terrestrial intelligent life in the universe.


The film’s title says it all. It’s all about resonance and how the human vibrational frequency is the main factor for the Earth population as to when we will be able to have open contact with our Galactic family. ... Read Full Story

Light Ship Flashes to CE-5 Team in Response to Human Initiated Contact

PORT AUSTIN, MI – A CE-5 team assembled in Port Austin, MI in June, 2015 to make human initiated contact with ET and achieved some amazing results.

Light ship flashes to CE 5 team in Port Austin, MI in June, 2015

Light ship flashes to CE 5 team in Port Austin, MI in June, 2015

A video was recorded with special night vision video equipment. The video captured several craft, some of which were probably terrestrial in origin, but also some which were most likely extraterrestrial. ... Read Full Story

International UFO Conference To Be Held in Stiklestad, Norway October 2-4, 2015

STIKLESTAD, NORWAY – The 2015 International UFO Conference is scheduled for October 2-4, 2015 in Stiklestad, Norway. This will be the fourth annual event of the International UFO Conference to be put on by the organizers.


The location for this year’s conference is well chosen. A key ley line passes through Stiklestad and continues in a southwest direction towards the cathedral Nidarosdomen in Trondheim. Crop circle formations have appeared along ley lines and Stiklestad is no exception. ... Read Full Story

Contact at ECETI Conference Scheduled For Early July, 2015

The 2015 Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference hosted by ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) will be held July 2-5 at the Gilliland Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington.


The 2015 conference follows the previous ECETI Spirit and Science and Gathering held the previous year on June 27-29 of 2014. ... Read Full Story

First Annual ‘First Contact’ Symposium to be Held June, 2015

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA – Universal Unity, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada will be hosting its first annual ‘First Contact’ Symposium, North America this June, 2015.


The event will be held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 from 9:30 a.m. -3:30 p.m. Mountain Time at the University of Calgary Hotel Alma. ... Read Full Story

Michael Horn Talks About New Billy Meier UFO Documentary on Internet TV Talk Show

TOPIC: UFO – Host Rick Scouler discusses the new documentary, “And Did They Listen?”, with guest, Michael Horn in the 14th episode of Season 4 of the Internet TV Talk Show, Topic: UFO.

Rick Scouler (right) talks with guest Michael Horn (left) about his new documentary, "And Did They Listen?" on Topic: UFO.

Rick Scouler (right) talks with guest Michael Horn (left) about his new documentary, “And Did They Listen?” on Topic: UFO.

Michael Horn is the U.S. media representative for the Billy Meier UFO case, in which the Swiss contactee has been having ongoing contacts with visitors originally identified as coming from the Pleiades. ... Read Full Story

International UFO Conference Scheduled For October 10-12 in Bergen, Norway

BERGEN, NORWAY – The 2014 International UFO Conference is scheduled for October 10-12 in Bergen, Norway. The October event is the latest of three International UFO Conferences to be presented by the organizers.


The conference will be held at the First Hotel Marin in Bergen, located at Rosenkrantzgaten 8 in Bergen. ... Read Full Story

Speaker Grant Cameron Talks About Connection Between UFOs and Consciousness

Ufologist, Grant Cameron has made some startling observations about UFO phenomenon and has connected the dots between consciousness and what many people have reportedly witnessed and experienced in various UFO cases.

Grant Cameron speaks about UFOs and consciousness at the StarworksUSA UFO Symposium, May 2013 in Sebring, FL

Grant Cameron speaks about UFOs and consciousness at the StarworksUSA UFO Symposium, May 2013 in Sebring, FL

The connection between UFOs and consciousness shows up in the record of UFO research as early as Roswell in 1947 and which continues to this day. ... Read Full Story

UFO Contact Retreat Scheduled For End of August, 2014 in Toronto, Canada

TORONTO CANADA – The first summer retreat on Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Consciousness Connection is scheduled for August 28-31, 2014 in Toronto, Canada.


The 4-day event will be held just north of Toronto at the Cedar Glen outdoor centre, a beautiful setting with spectacular views. ... Read Full Story

The Pyramid Code – Season One Complete

The Pyramid Code is one of my favorite video series that I first saw on Netflix in April of 2012 and which really opened my eyes. I didn’t know it at the time but it turns out that the beginning of April, 2012 marked the Shift of the Ages and I don’t think that was a just coincidence.

The Pyramid Code

The Pyramid Code

The series is about ancient Egypt, the real story of the pyramids, consciousness and our occult (hidden) history on a time scale that is never discussed or taught in the mainstream. Here is the full season one of the program – all five episodes – which is available to watch for free on YouTube. ... Read Full Story