Enrique Villanueva Speaks About ET Contact Experiences

LOS ANGELES, CA – In a 2011 interview with Dagmar Stansova from the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, CA, Enrique Villanueva speaks about ET contact and the expansion of consciousness.

Enrique Villanueva interview with Dagmar Stansova at the 2011 Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Enrique Villanueva interview with Dagmar Stansova at the 2011 Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

In this amazing interview, Enrique Villanueva shares his personal experiences and insights about his ET contacts in Peru and his work with the Rahma group beginning in the 1980s.

Villanueva’s ET contact experiences were both physical as well as non-physical in nature. He explains that we, as humans, are multi dimensional beings with more than just a physical existence:


“Their message is that human beings are actually perceiving themselves in limitation … We exist in many different dimensions and they want us to be aware of that realm where we also exist.”

The Importance of Expanding One’s Consciousness

Villanueva explains the importance of expanding one’s consciousness and how that realization came about. At first, he and his group only cared about the physical contact and their physical interaction with the ETs but only later realized that the most important aspect of the contact experience was to expand consciousness.

“In the beginning of the experiences of contact in Peru, they mentioned that the whole humankind is going to enter a different dimension of consciousness – not just a physical dimension, but a dimension of consciousness – and they invite us to experience that.”

“At that point we didn’t care. We just wanted to have the sightings and go inside the ships and have the interview with them, but, in time, we realized that that was the more important aspect of the contact.”

“It’s not about them coming down to Earth so we can have the physical encounter with them. The most important aspect of the contact is to expand consciousness, to realize that not only we are not alone in the universe, but we are not alone within.”

Telepathic Contact At Physical Encounters With Alien Beings

In the interview Villanueva recounts his experiences with the Rahma group in Peru in the Chilca Desert in the 1980s and of his two opportunities to have physical contact with ET beings. It was during these contacts that he experienced telepathic communication which the ET beings had complete control over.

“When you are in front of them, somehow they have complete control of the whole situation. The whole scenario is under their influence.”

“And you feel it from the beginning because as soon as you are in front of them, you cannot control this fear – this emotion that overcomes you … But then they take control of the situation and it’s like something that you cannot see emanates from them, covers you completely and you just relax.”

Villanueva then describes the process of interaction, which does not involve speaking like we do on Earth, rather the communication is telepathic and ideas and concepts are transmitted as feelings:

“Telepathy is not actually the transmission of thought, it’s actually feeling.”

“So you feel what they are saying and immediately your brain, as a mechanism of translation, begins telling you word by word, what is the feeling they are giving you.”

Villanueva explained that he was able to answer through feeling and that that it was very natural.

“I could feel also, and answer. It was like give and take, and it was beautiful.”

“We, apparently are not trained in telepathy … but once you are with someone that has the ability, you automatically become like them. I suspect that humans are natural telepathic beings.”

“We Are Not Alone Within”

Perhaps this is the most important message the ETs are giving us – we are not alone within – and we never have been. Through the contact experiences of individuals such as Enrique Villanueva and the information that the ETs are sharing with us, we (as a species) can prepare for more open contact with extraterrestrial races.

If it is true that the whole humankind will be entering a new dimension of consciousness then perhaps we should listen to the message that they are giving us in order to prepare for more open contact on a wider scale.

ET contact groups are spreading all over the planet. More and more people are making contact via sightings as well as consciousness and more and more people are getting the message that we are not alone and never have been alone. The ETs have been here all along and probably the only reason we haven’t had contact is that we haven’t tuned in.

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