First Annual ‘First Contact’ Symposium to be Held June, 2015

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA – Universal Unity, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada will be hosting its first annual ‘First Contact’ Symposium, North America this June, 2015.


The event will be held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 from 9:30 a.m. -3:30 p.m. Mountain Time at the University of Calgary Hotel Alma.

Map shows location of University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Map shows location of University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The topic of the symposium is First Contact. The symposium will focus on the marriage between the idea of global transformation in its changing resonance and the increasing display and sightings of lightships, UFO’s, ET and alien phenomena. In this way it will be unique in that these phenomena are intimately connected to the idea of planetary ascension.

Speakers include Universal Unity founder, Joanna L. Ross Perez, Sherry Wilde from the Ozark Conferences and Vicki Reiki, Sacred Geometry

Price for attendance: $89.00 CDN

A website with complete details of the event, registration information and purchase of admission tickets can be found at this link:

Some of the points about the event:

The topic of First Contact is a “real process” and that here seems to be a gap between understanding the spiritual aspect to contact. This is one of the points that will be addressed at the event.

“There are many aspects that we as a collective are required to engage upon to be prepared for ‘first contact’…”

We are in “the beginning phases of contact, and it requires that we approach all aspects of our evolution to the potentiality of creating an open forum for loving and inspiring dialogue, discussion, and information to benefit of the greater good.”

Topics and aspects of discussion:

Topics and aspects on the disussion of First Contact include:

  • First contact and all attributes that lead up to and around it
  • How, where, timing and beliefs
  • Different race beings
  • Protocol
  • Government changes
  • Policy for safety in first landings for our interstellar beings
  • Respectful engagement in respectful forums, future & new earth, and so on

For symposium inquiries and information please contact:

Joanna L. Ross Perez, Founder

The symposium is to be held at:

University of Calgary, Hotel Alma
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Directions to Hotel:

For questions about parking, room, or grounds please contact:

Michelle Pellerin
Event Planner
Meetings & Special Events
University of Calgary
169 University Gate NW Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
T: 403.210.7558 F: 403.284.4184

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