Former Government Official Says Benevolent ET Federation Wants Peaceful and Cooperative Relations With Earth

Disclosure is imminent. The former Defense Minister of Canada announced in a TV interview that a group of ETs that belong to a “Federation” are not only gathered nearby in our own solar system but desire friendly relations with Earth humanity.


The Federation of ETs is trying to warn Earth humans that we are wrecking our planet and that we need to avoid the devastating effects that can happen if we don’t change our ways very soon. They said that they have technology that they are willing to share with us but they have to be invited first because they will not force themselves onto us.

The First Cabinet Level Official to Come Forward

The Honorable Paul Hellyer was the former Defense Minister for Canada and is the first cabinet level official from a G8 country to come forward with this information. His message carries great urgency because, according to the ETs, we don’t have much time. Too much damage is being done to the Earth and we need to act soon.


Hellyer explains in his interview that alien civilizations have been visiting Earth and right now some of them are walking among us. Hellyer says that there a number of different species – perhaps from 2 to 12 – and that there are at least four different species that have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. He says that the ETs come from the Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli and several other star systems.

During these thousands of years we have not cooperated very well with our own species and the result has been war, disease, devastation and death. In the interview the question was raised if the possibility of interstellar war exists. Hellyer said that the possibility does exist because the powers that control the Military have been shooting at UFOs all the way from the beginning. Hellyer says:

“We’re playing around with these exotic weapons, thermonuclear weapons and atomic weapons, which have such devastating effects both on Earth and other areas of the Cosmos.”

The ETs have shown remarkable restraint and their unwillingness to shoot back at us should give us a clue that they don’t have hostile intentions. Hellyer makes the point this way:

“Right from the beginning we started scrambling planes, trying to shoot them down, but their technology was superior enough that we weren’t able to get away with it, certainly not for a long while. During that period of time they could have taken us over without any trouble if they wanted to.”

We Need to Change Our Attitude

Only a determined effort on the part of the people to let the military powers know that we must stop shooting at the ETs will be able to start the process of peaceful contact. This change in attitude towards our extraterrestrial neighbors must come first before any contact or joint projects can be expected. They have rules in the Federation and they will not interfere with our affairs unless they are invited.

Hellyer said that in the Cosmos there is the concept of free choice. This is why they don’t interfere. All beings have the free will to make right choices or wrong choices. Lately we have made a lot of wrong choices and they can help us make some right choices but we have to ask them first. The problem is that the Powers That Be (the Cabal) want to keep their existence a secret and they want to put weapons in space. This is the reason for all the denials and ridicule on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

The secrecy must end. The existence of extraterrestrial life must no longer be denied or ignored. There is too much at stake. Time is not on our side to be able to hide the existence of life on other worlds in order to push an agenda for the militarization of space. The Earth will not be able to stand much more clear cutting of forests and polluting of our oceans, waterways, soil and air. We are at the edge of a tipping point from which there will be no going back.

Hellyer emphasizes in his interview that there are plenty of authenticated accounts and that mainstream science could find out if they took some time to do even 10 percent of what he has done in the past eight years. He says they have go out of their way to keep from finding out.

Hellyer is currently writing a book and that he plans to push very hard for full disclosure. He says that we need to change our priorities and “stop spending so much time and effort on weapons to kill each other” and start spending more time learning “how to help each other to have a better life and a more just society.”


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