International UFO Conference Scheduled For October 10-12 in Bergen, Norway

BERGEN, NORWAY – The 2014 International UFO Conference is scheduled for October 10-12 in Bergen, Norway. The October event is the latest of three International UFO Conferences to be presented by the organizers.


The conference will be held at the First Hotel Marin in Bergen, located at Rosenkrantzgaten 8 in Bergen.

Shown below is a map of the hotel location.

Map shows location of the First Hotel Marin, Rosenkrantzgaten 8, Bergen, Norway.

Map shows location of the First Hotel Marin, Rosenkrantzgaten 8, Bergen, Norway.

The theme for this year’s conference is Contact with extraterrestrials. The conference will only feature speakers who are either extraterrestrial and who come from another world or speakers who have had long time contact with benevolent ETs.

Among the speakers scheduled for the conference are Omnec Onec, Jerry Wills, Charles James Hall (via Skype), Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens, Robert Scott Lemriel, Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn and Enrique Villanueva (via Skype). All lectures will be in English, except for Mostajo Maertens, whose presentation will be in Spanish, with simultaneous translation into Norwegian.


Video Link (Norwegian)

The official website for the conference is located at Visit the website for more information on the program, speaker bios, how to get tickets for attending, etc. The website is in Norwegian, but there are pages provided in English which are linked at the bottom of the main menu to the left of the main content area.

According to the website, this promises to be a very unique event:

“This is the only UFO conference in the world that we know of who has no UFO researchers as speakers, but either extraterrestrials or contactees, that is people having long term contact with our Space Friends.”

This year’s conference will not only convey information, but also will have spiritual angle. For anyone following the various UFO conferences one cannot help but notice that there is a trend towards more ET contact, spirituality and link to human consciousness.

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