Light Ship Flashes to CE-5 Team in Response to Human Initiated Contact

PORT AUSTIN, MI – A CE-5 team assembled in Port Austin, MI in June, 2015 to make human initiated contact with ET and achieved some amazing results.

Light ship flashes to CE 5 team in Port Austin, MI in June, 2015

Light ship flashes to CE 5 team in Port Austin, MI in June, 2015

A video was recorded with special night vision video equipment. The video captured several craft, some of which were probably terrestrial in origin, but also some which were most likely extraterrestrial.

During the encounter, a light ship flashed beams of light and appeared to power up very bright in response to the greetings from the team.

Using CE-5 Protocols For Human Initiated Contact

CE-5 is a close encounter of the fifth kind, a category founded by Dr. Steven Greer. CE-5 is human-initiated contact that uses a meditative protocol. Please watch the video below for an explanation from the team participants of how meditation is used to make ET contact.


As explained in the video, when one goes into a meditative state it is tapping into a unified field of consciousness. By sending that energy out into the cosmos with the intention of making contact with intelligent, sentient life, it is like sending out a “telegram”.

Visit for more information on how to use the CE-5 protocols or to join others in CE-5 teams around the world.

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