Michael Horn Talks About New Billy Meier UFO Documentary on Internet TV Talk Show

TOPIC: UFO – Host Rick Scouler discusses the new documentary, “And Did They Listen?”, with guest, Michael Horn in the 14th episode of Season 4 of the Internet TV Talk Show, Topic: UFO.

Rick Scouler (right) talks with guest Michael Horn (left) about his new documentary, "And Did They Listen?" on Topic: UFO.

Rick Scouler (right) talks with guest Michael Horn (left) about his new documentary, “And Did They Listen?” on Topic: UFO.

Michael Horn is the U.S. media representative for the Billy Meier UFO case, in which the Swiss contactee has been having ongoing contacts with visitors originally identified as coming from the Pleiades.

The Pleiadian contacts began in January, 1975 and have continued up to the present time. In 1996, the visitors’ origin was clarified. Their home world actually lies beyond the Pleiades and is dimensionally shifted from this space-time configuration. Since then, they have been referred to as Plejaren and not Pleiadian.


What is the Meier Case About?

Although the Plejaren described to Meier how they are able to overcome the vast distances of space, it’s about a lot more than just the hardware or the physics.

  • It’s about the fact that they are humans pretty much the same as us.
  • It’s about our common ancestry and our history.
  • It’s about their message to us about spirituality and consciousness and about learning how to get along peacefully with each other before we could ever expect to reach out into cosmic space ourselves.
  • It’s about the urgency that the human population cease all wars and environmental destruction or risk extinction.

The Meier case is nearly 40 years old and has been heavily suppressed.


Face to Face Contact, But Not a Mass Landing

The Meier case is about face to face interaction by interdimensional beings with a single Earth human and which has the best, clearest photographs of their spacecraft (which they call “beamships”) of any UFO case.

In this case the Plejaren are reaching out to us to try to help us but not through mass contact. They chose to make contact through only one person because they know that a mass landing would not be good.

A mass landing would simply overwhelm the human population at this stage of the game because their existence and advanced technology are so far beyond our current reality. A mass contact would rapidly devolve into mass confusion and humans would simply expect them to fix everything. The truth is that we need to take responsibility for our own existence and the planet that we live on. They are willing to help us but we have to do the work.

The Plejaren have identified key areas that are holding us back. Basically, we must achieve a higher state of consciousness and be able to think for ourselves. They feel that we hold a lot of false beliefs which prevent us from knowing who we really are and from being able to make real changes. If we expect to join our fellow sentient beings in this universe then we have to discover the truth of our existence before we can grasp how to coexist with other beings in the greater cosmos.

They tell us that one of the key areas we need to fix is overpopulation. Their solution is to gradually reduce the population naturally instead of through war and mass murder like the elite (the Cabal) have in mind. In the Billy Meier contact reports and other material there is a massive amount of information which we could put to good use right away, if we would only take the time to avail ourselves of it.

Michael Horn’s website at www.theyfly.com has been setup with free information about the case and the message the Plejaren to the Earth population. The DVD for the documentary, “And Did They Listen?” can be ordered from there and is also available for viewing on demand at www.yekra.com.

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    Just listening to what he is actually saying. And following up with some leg work and logical thought. Wow, what an awesome thing this case is. I challenge anyone to bring anything remotely in UFOlogy!!!

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