Mount Adams Massive UFO Sighting at ECETI Ranch

TROUT LAKE, WA – A massive UFO that landed in front of Mount Adams was recorded on video by James Gilliland at the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, WA.


A group of people who were gathered at the ranch experienced the sighting while James Gilliland recorded it on video. You can hear his commentary as the sighting progressed.


The video is dark but you can make out the tree line and the faint outline of the mountain behind it.

The video caption said that it was 13 miles away. Because of the distance from the camera it had to be massive. At one point someone remarked that it looked like it was covering almost a half a mile.

After first appearing to be a group of lights, the UFO powered up into one huge light.

The UFO appeared to be interacting with the people watching. On three occasions after someone pointed a laser beam in its direction, it powered up very brightly, at one point taking up most of the video frame.

Source: YouTube

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