Positive ET Contact Via Human Consciousness

The lines between ET contact via consciousness communication, spirituality and conspiracy theory appear to be blurred. Although these seem to be entirely separate topics, as bizarre as it may sound, it looks like these are, nevertheless, different facets of the same subject of Disclosure.

After Disclosure, the true facts will become known, but until then a quick scan of alternative media will reveal some surprising insights about positive ET contact that can be experienced by regular, everyday people, the apparent spiritual connection involved in the process and the Powers That Be who want to prevent such contact.

If one does a search in alternative media there can be found people in the U.S.A. such as Dr. Steven M. Greer, founder of CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and the CE-5 Initiative (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind), James Gilliland, founder of ECETI (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) as well as Enrique Villanueva from Peru, who experienced first hand positive extraterrestrial contact as part of the Rahma group beginning in 1988.

Consciousness And Positive ET Contact

These people have all had positive ET contact experiences and have dedicated a large part of their lives to telling their remarkable stories to others. Not all people in the UFO community agree with the notion of consciousness communication or contact with ETs. The UFO community as a whole seems to be more interested in physical evidence and physical contact and are not quite ready to accept the idea of non-physical communication or experience.

Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Greer makes a good point about consciousness and how it relates to interstellar travel in some of his speaking appearances available on YouTube (links can be found in the Media section of this website).

Dr. Greer stresses the point that if ET civilizations are able to traverse large distances in space at faster than light speed, then, surely, they would not communicate to each other using conventional methods as we currently understand which is limited to the speed of light.

He says that communication is done via consciousness. Communication via consciousness would be instantaneous, regardless of the distances involved. There is much about physics and the possibility for faster than light travel that we as a species do not yet understand.

Conspiracy of Secrecy

In the Media section of the website are links to many YouTube videos where Dr. Greer explains about the Powers That Be (the Cabal) who are running secret black projects and who do not want people to know about extraterrestrial intelligent life. They are aware of extraterrestrial life and have a lot of the technology acquired through back-engineering of recovered alien space craft and they want to keep their existence a secret.

ET Contact and Spirituality

While Dr. Greer established CSETI and the CE-5 Initiative for the purpose of establishing human initiated contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, others who experienced consciousness communication and contact did not start out the same way.

James Gilliland

James Gilliland

James Gilliland, on the other hand, established a spiritual sanctuary (the Sattva Sanctuary) near Mt Adams in Trout Lake, WA. He was doing intense spiritual practices, meditation and help with others for about 10 years when he had a remarkable experience.

One day while in deep meditation he received a communication from beings in a ship. His reaction was disbelief and was about ready to walk out the door until his two sisters ran up to his door and told him there was a ship hovering over the sanctuary.

Since then he has experienced many UFO sightings at his ECETI Ranch near Mt Adams and many of these sightings have been filmed on video. The videos are available to view at the ECETI website at http://www.eceti.org. There is an uncanny interaction between Gilliland and the ships. He seems to know when they are about to “Power Up” or flash. His voice can be heard on the videos telling onlookers that the ships are getting ready to flash.

They Are Inviting Us To Expand Our Consciousness

Enrique Villanueva has experienced both non-physical as well as face-to-face physical contact with alien beings. He emphasizes that expansion of our consciousness is the most important part of the ET contact experience.

Enrique Villanueva

Enrique Villanueva

In a YouTube video uploaded by Caretakers Of Earth, Enrique Villanueva describes his experiences with the Rahma group in Peru beginning in 1988. You can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLaqjQtU23o

His description of the physical contact experience was that there were no words exchanged, rather it was more like telepathy. It would be an exchange of feelings instead of transmission of thoughts. Somehow the brain would translate those feelings word by word so he was able to understand very clearly what they were communicating. He says it is a very natural thing. They would communicate information to him and he would respond by feeling which they would understand.

Although we are not trained in telepathy like they are, he says , “Once you are with someone that has that ability, you automatically become like them.”

Social Media Websites For Positive ET Contact

Thousands of regular everyday people are reaching out for positive ET contact and are willing to initiate contact through the various social media websites and groups that are sprouting up on the Internet. 

One such social media website in the U.S.A. dedicated to positive, open communication with ETs is ETLetsTalk.org, founded by Kosta Makreas. The website currently connects with over 4500 peaceful groups and individuals from more than 50 countries. This is an astounding number of people involved in the effort and is a reflection of how important the idea of peaceful, open contact with our extraterrestrial neighbors is to humanity.


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