Push For Disclosure

For about a hundred years a there has been a shroud of secrecy surrounding the facts and evidence of the existence of intelligent life throughout the universe. Extra terrestrial craft have been observed by humans on land, sea and air in all parts of the world throughout the millennia. For most of this time the phenomena have not been understood, probably because it seemed like some kind of magic.


People living in ancient times had no experience with flying machines. Even now in the present time there are some who hold the idea that the Earth human is the only species of its kind in the cosmos. Others hold religious beliefs that are contrary to the idea. For the most part, though, the people of Earth as a whole do understand that many things can be possible with technology and most are open to the idea that we are not alone in the universe.

Right now we seem to be heading on a collision course of scientific, social and ecological conditions which makes it hard to avoid the inevitable conclusion that:

  1. Advanced extra terrestrial civilizations exist and they have been visiting Earth for a long time. They appear in paintings going back centuries.
  2. They posses advanced energy and propulsion technology because they have to be traveling vast distances to get here (or from some other realm of space-time we haven’t discovered yet)

If ETs can travel vast distances in space, then they must be accessing and harnessing energy in a way that has not been discovered by conventional science. There are people who have worked on secret projects who know about advanced technology and who have come forward (please see 2001 National Press Club Event). There is a possibility that new energy systems can be developed that will change our civilization forever and get us off oil, coal and gas and get us on track for developing sustainable ways of living on the Earth that won’t destroy the biosphere.

Cracks in The Official Story

There have been countless stories of unidentified flying objects and countless other incidents where they have been observed, photographed and captured on video or film. There is hardly a person today who hasn’t heard of Roswell, New Mexico and the alleged crash and recovery of a flying disc in 1947.

There have been various government sponsored investigations and panels that were ostensibly setup to get to the bottom of the mystery. Project Sign, Project Magnet, Project Grudge, Project Bluebook, the Condon Report, etc. have all lead to nothing. People are beginning to realize that with these projects there was never any intention to reveal the truth, rather they were used as a means to hide the truth. Virtually anyone who would try to do a serious and honest investigation of the facts would be ridiculed as a kook or a nut.

People Want to Know

There is a groundswell of public opinion and desire for a disclosure of the facts. People are pushing for disclosure like never before. There are good reasons for this. They’re not buying explanations for UFOs like “swamp gas”, “flares”, “ball lightning”, “weather baloons” or the planet Venus. They’re also not buying the sudden appearance of crop circles all over the place by a couple of guys with wooden planks and rope. People are also increasingly aware that we cannot sustain our planet at the rate we are consuming its resources. Something has to change!

Whether or not the true facts about UFOs and extra terrestrial life will be disclosed in the near future by those who are in control of the evidence, it is not going to stop the rising tide of public pressure to uncover the truth. The planet needs new energy systems to be discovered and made widely available. People are being made aware of these developments through documentaries such as Thrive, and another one currently under development by the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (Truth Embargo).

People Are Waking Up

Things might seem bad – with international financial interests pushing to collapse the economy and take over the wealth. In the face of this, there is a new feeling of optimism and hope. People are waking up like never before. People are starting to see what’s really going on. Hopefully, enough people can wake up and connect with each other and work in a cooperative manner to bring about some positive change so people in power won’t act in a desperate or irresponsible way. People are starting to get the idea that they can work things out themselves and can get things done.

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