Retired Aerospace Scientist Reveals Startling Photos of Aliens and UFOs From Area 51

This story and video has been circulating around the Internet for a little over a week, now and it has gone totally viral. The original video has been taken down from YouTube in this short time, but luckily another copy has been uploaded. At least for now it is available but that may not last for long. – M.D.

Boyd Bushman with photos of aliens in his last video interview before passing away on August 7, 2014.

Boyd Bushman with photos of aliens in his last video interview before passing away on August 7, 2014.

TUCSON, AZ – A video has surfaced online of Boyd Bushman, a senior scientist from Lockheed Martin in his last interview just before he passed away in August of 2014. In the video Mr. Bushman revealed some startling photos plus some new information about alien beings from a planet 68 light years from Earth.

Mr. Bushman appears very credible. He talks about some of his experiences regarding Area 51 where someone he knew was able to obtain photos of aliens and their spacecraft. He speaks plainly about his experiences and even talks about and shows some of his scientific work at his lab in the video.

The video immediately went viral and seemingly just as fast was shut down by YouTube. Luckily, we have located another copy on YouTube, but it could be taken down very quickly, so if you want to see it, you will have to act fast and grab it before it disappears again.


The snapshots were made with a camera that Mr. Bushman gave to someone inside Area 51 who took the pictures and then handed the camera back to Bushman. The camera was even handed off to the ETs who took some photos of their home planet and their approach to Area 51 as they were coming in. Bushman developed the photos and apparently kept them in his possession – probably for years. One can see that the edges of the snapshots are well-worn and old.

One can see someone’s hand holding up the back of the head of an extraterrestrial body. This gives one a sense of the size of the body. The bodies also appear to be burned. Bushman states that the ETs are about 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall and that there were one or two of them up to 230 years old. He said that we have about 18 of them working with us.

Allegations have been made by commenters on the Internet that the photos look oddly similar to a plastic doll sold in shops, but the doll seemed a lot smaller than the bodies in the photos and the burned skin in Bushman’s photos does look pretty real.

Bushman explained a little about the anatomy of the ETs. For example, they have five fingers and five toes, just like Earth humans, but the skin between their toes are joined together (webbed toes) and their fingers are longer than a human’s. They also have three back bones which are actually cartilage.

According to Bushman, the ETs communicated by telepathy. He said if a question was asked of them that one would receive the answer in their own voice. Bushman said that the ET’s home planet is called Quintonia, located 68 light years away and from which the ETs can reach Earth in 45 minutes.

Photos of ET spacecraft from Boyd Bushman's collection.

Photos of ET spacecraft from Boyd Bushman’s collection.

Included in Bushman’s photo collection are several shots of ET flying discs. One of the snapshots shows a ship in a glowing, powered up state. He says that their ships are 38 feet in diameter and when it comes in for a landing it comes straight down a shaft by a mountain near Area 51.

Included in the photo collection is a shot of the ship “up close and personal”, looking into the power unit of the UFO. He said there have been a total of 39 U.S. citizens who have lost their lives trying to reverse engineer UFOs. He said that 19 lives were lost in just one test about a year and a half prior to the recording of the interview.

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