Retired Canadian Official Talks About Suppressed Zero Point Energy at Economic Forum

KITCHENER, ONTARIO CANADA – The former Minister of Defense of Canada, The Honorable Paul Hellyer, was the keynote speaker at a forum held in Kitchener, Ontario in November, 2010.

Paul Hellyer, Retired Canadian Minister of Defense

Paul Hellyer, Retired Canadian Minister of Defense

The event was entitled, “Towards a Peaceful Economy” and was held November 13, 2010 at Kitchener’s City Hall in Kitchener, Ontario Canada.

The event was conducted by the Nonviolence Festival, whose website states that its membership is comprised of volunteers who work together “to build and promote events that raise awareness about the importance of nonviolence.”

The following clip was from a question and answer period at the event where one person asked Mr. Hellyer to expound a bit on the free energy technologies that are being kept hidden and that could free us from fossil fuels:


At the event Hellyer gave a 40 minute talk about the banking system in effect in Canada and much of the world today. He explained in detail about the fractional reserve banking system, its origins, how it came to be and how it is now the cause of many problems in society.

Because of the way the fractional reserve banking system creates money as debt, it is the reason for the inequities in our world. It is the reason why the people in some countries live well while others in third world countries live in poverty.

The Banking System Must Be Reformed

Due to the corrupt nature of how banks create money out of nothing, it is the reason why millions of people are now unemployed and it is also responsible for every depression and recession since the beginning of the 20th century. None of them were due to the “cyclical economic system”, rather they were caused by the banks creating and lending money with little or no amount of money on deposit to back it up.

Because of the way privately owned banks are able to create money out of thin air, there is no money in existence to pay the interest. Thus, one has to borrow more money to be able to pay the interest and go deeper and deeper into debt.

Mr. Hellyer made it clear that the banking system would have to be reformed if we wanted to have a more peaceful economy. Instead of building more and more weapons to “take the extraterrestrials on for size” we would have to change our priorities. We should get rid of these huge defense expenditures and use the money to provide food and shelter and education and clothing for people that don’t have any. This way we could have a different kind of world altogether than we have had in the past.

Zero-Point Energy

Re: Zero-Point Energy Technology and Extraterrestrials, this is what he had to say:

“The United States forces, in cooperation with the extraterrestrials had developed both zero-point energy and cold fusion.”

Mr. Hellyer also made this point:

“They want us to save our planet. They would give it to us if the United States Air Force would stop shooting at them.”

It is clear that from what Mr. Hellyer is saying is that one of the major obstacles to the deployment of planet-wide free energy, the disclosure of the existence of advanced, intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations and the friendly relations with them, thereof is that the fractional reserve banking system is a key factor in how governments contribute to the military industrial complex, its hostile stance towards our extraterrestrial neighbors and its aims toward space as a new frontier for carrying out war.

In 2010, he felt that our planet may have a chance to heal from the environmental damage caused by our dependence on fossil fuels if we could accomplish the task of changing over to sustainable, renewable energy within 10 years, but only if we reform the banking system so that we have the money to do it.

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Listen to the complete presentation (6 parts) made by Paul Hellyer at the Economic Forum event in 2010:


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