Russian Free Energy Devices

Recently there have been a couple of free energy devices to come out of Russia. Both of these units function in completely different ways.

Two Russian free energy devices. Overunity Resonance Transformer (left) and Self-Powered Supply from MES (right).

Two Russian free energy devices. Overunity Resonance Transformer (left) and Self-Powered Supply from MES (right).

The “Overunity Resonance Transformer” unit functions as a power amplifier and requires a 220v power source and the “Self-Powered Supply” requires no input power source. It is basically a motor plus generator with power left over.

Videos of each unit can be viewed below. An English translation is provided for the Overunity Resonance Transformer video, but the MES Self-Powered Supply is narrated only in Russian. There is an English version of the MES web page, however.

Overunity Resonance Transformer

We could not locate a website for the Overunity Resonance Transformer but I was able to track down some additional info with the help of a forum posting at A European patent application has been filed. The inventor, Arkady Anatolievich Stepanov, may now be working for a company called Steho Energy out of Luxembourg, although this is not confirmed.


The video is interesting in that the basic setup shows a mains power source connected to the unit, which is, in turn, connected to a load circuit comprised of several light bulbs. Twin instrumentation is provided for the input circuit and the load circuit so viewers can see that more electrical power is being sent to the load than is being drawn from the mains.

The unit is fairly quiet and could prove to be very practical in a real life situation. For readers who are so inclined, you can check out the link below at to read some technical information about how the unit works. One of the pdf documents linked from the forum post (LV-STEHO-EN.pdf) had the following statement about the inventor:

“In the 80 years of the last century, it is the phenomenon of the power amplifier for magnetic phenomena encountered when certain resonance conditions are achieved … Stepanov then has studied the phenomenon in the laboratory for years in detail and discovered that during cyclic magnetization of the magnetic resonance sheets under certain situations additional energy is released.”

MES50 Self-Powered Supply

The following video was uploaded in September, 2014 at the YouTube account (Pure Energy Systems). The original videos came from the MES official website. also posted an article about the unit at their website (please see link at end of this post).


This unit has two 16 amp outlets and puts out 5Kw of power at 230V / 50Hz (European electrical standard). The website states that:

“MES (bulk power systems) is a self-powered supply of green energy! It is as easy to manufacture and reliable in operation as the Kalashnikov gun!”

The MES website has a photo gallery of high resolution photos of the unit. By the looks of it, the unit appears ready for commercial sales, but this is not clear as of yet. At any rate, both the MES50 Self-Powered Supply as well as the Overunity Resonance Transformer appear to be well on their way towards commercial availability and I am sure many people will be keeping a close watch on their progress.

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