Secret Space Program Conference Coming Up Oct-Nov 2015

BASTROP, TX – The 2015 Secret Space Program Conference is to be held in Bastrop, Texas on October 31 – November 1, this year. The theme for this year’s conference is “Connecting The Dots”.


Bastrop is considered to be part the greater metropolitan area of Austin, TX. The convention venue is located about 33 miles southeast of downtown Austin.

Map showing location of the 2015 SSP Conference in Bastrop, TX

Map showing location of the 2015 SSP Conference in Bastrop, TX

Convention attendees can reach the destination at the Bastrop Convention Center via Texas Highway 71 outside of Austin.

Speakers scheduled to appear this year include Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr Joseph P Farrell, Linda Moulton Howe, Dr Paul LaViolette, Dr John Brandenburg, Walter Bosley, Olav Phillips, Jay Dyer and Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt. More speakers are scheduled to be announced.

Tickets for the event plus complete details can be found at the official website:


The above video is a presentation by Richard Dolan from last year’s convention in 2014.

Too Many Questions, Too Few Answers

There are many questions and very few official answers regarding the state of space technology and finance in our current society. For example these questions are mainly from their website but have been broken down and asked a little bit differently here:

  • Is there a Secret Space Program (SSP) that exists outside of public view?
  • Is there a completely separate economic system?
  • What about the missing trillions from the military budget? Where did it all go?
  • Has some of the missing money been funds allocated by Congress?
  • Are there secret military projects using advanced technology?

There are also questions about the UFO phenomenon:

  • Is this technology being developed in secret underground bases around the globe?
  • Does the the UFO phenomenon represent something completely unknown and alien to human reality?

Dots To Be Connected

Convention attendees can expect to “discover the new evidence and shocking findings” when the dots are connected to show that:

“… as public space programs like NASA languish in debt, delays and failure, the development of space rages on by an untouchable, elite cabal unhindered by public accountability or congressional oversight”

Information keeps mounting of the possible existence of a secret breakaway civilization along with a secret space program that has been well underway for years. The information involves the wealthiest “1% of the 1%”, a “system of hidden finance” plus “multi trillion dollar financial fraud and market manipulations”.

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