Speaker Grant Cameron Talks About Connection Between UFOs and Consciousness

Ufologist, Grant Cameron has made some startling observations about UFO phenomenon and has connected the dots between consciousness and what many people have reportedly witnessed and experienced in various UFO cases.

Grant Cameron speaks about UFOs and consciousness at the StarworksUSA UFO Symposium, May 2013 in Sebring, FL

Grant Cameron speaks about UFOs and consciousness at the StarworksUSA UFO Symposium, May 2013 in Sebring, FL

The connection between UFOs and consciousness shows up in the record of UFO research as early as Roswell in 1947 and which continues to this day.

The following video shows Cameron speaking to attendees at the StarworksUSA UFO Symposium, May 2013 in Sebring, FL.


Cameron’s presentation includes slides and video clips that make a strong argument that there is a lot more to the UFO phenomenon than the “nuts and bolts” of UFO space craft.

Governments Understand The Importance of Consciousness

It’s not that mental phenomena was not known about in ufology. It has been known about and reported along with the visible sightings of UFOs. It’s just that society ridicules the idea of consciousness and nobody wants to be laughed at. But governments and the intelligence community take it seriously. The general population never got the memo. The CIA conducted research on the subject beginning in the mid 1970s and they took it seriously.

The following video is a conversation between Grant Cameron and Elizabeth Trutwin and was recently recorded and uploaded to YouTube:


This video contains some mind blowing information where Cameron makes a strong case for consciousness being at center stage in our understanding of the subject and how it connects to the evolution of our species and the future survival of our planet.

A strong argument can be made that a connection exists between UFOs, consciousness and spirituality. Much secrecy surrounds the UFO phenomenon which is aimed at keeping people separated from each other and which is working to keep us from understanding how we are all connected.

Cameron will be revealing new information about the topic at the upcoming UFO Contact Retreat in Toronto, Canada. Details for this event can be found at ufocontact.com.


  1. Dear Grant,

    My name is Reverend John Polk. I was the first speaker at Experiencers Speak 4 on August 28 of this year. I got to meet you and speak with you briefly at the conference. Your presentation was my favorite and the one I learned from the most. The whole right brain verse left brain was amazing to me and I am actively employing some principles you laid out regarding the right brain. It turns out I have always been a right brain thinker but I didn’t realize how much more information could be absorbed and processed by the right brain. Fascinating.
    I was curious if you saw the four visitors, two with gray skin, that joined us during and after Travis’s DVD and Q & A session at the conference? They approached me first and began speaking with me and others at length. In total, we believe that there were at least 12 witnesses to these human like extraterrestrials. I have been on a number of radio shows since then speaking of this incredible event. Anyway, once again, I was curious if you saw them or if you heard of them while at Audrey’s retreat following the conference? If so, please let me know.
    Additionally, I am a coproducer and cohost of aquarianradio.com every Friday. If you’d like to join us for a show, we’d be honored to interview you.

    Hope you are having a good holiday season,
    Happy Holidays,

    Reverend John Polk

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