The Pyramid Code – Season One Complete

The Pyramid Code is one of my favorite video series that I first saw on Netflix in April of 2012 and which really opened my eyes. I didn’t know it at the time but it turns out that the beginning of April, 2012 marked the Shift of the Ages and I don’t think that was a just coincidence.

The Pyramid Code

The Pyramid Code

The series is about ancient Egypt, the real story of the pyramids, consciousness and our occult (hidden) history on a time scale that is never discussed or taught in the mainstream. Here is the full season one of the program – all five episodes – which is available to watch for free on YouTube.

The official website ( has an announcement that plans are underway for a “much requested” Season 2 of The Pyramid Code.

Episode 1 – The Band of Peace

Episode 1 describes the arrangement of the pyramids of Egypt that follows a path parallel to the Nile River, which runs eight miles away to the east. Producer and director Carmen Boulter, PhD, poses the notion that the pyramids would most likely have been built right next to the Nile before it migrated eight miles to the east. Their causeways would have run right up to the water. That would place the ages of the pyramids to be much older – tens of thousands of years older – than currently accepted by mainstream science.

Episode 2 – High Level Technology

Episode 2 explores the idea that the ancients possessed advanced technology. Living in our modern technological age it is difficult for us to recognize that the ancients may have had advanced technology. We hold the (arrogant) idea that it can’t be possible that an ancient civilization may have known more than us. Moreover, we don’t understand how ancient technology could have functioned so we don’t bother looking for it. This remains to be the case despite the fact that many ancient artifacts show evidence of astounding technology. On top of that the authorities in charge appear to be suppressing close inspection and scientific study of the ancient sites to keep us from finding out.

Episode 3 – Sacred Cosmology

Episode 3 covers the extent to which the ancients understood the motions of the stars as well as the sacred esteem to which the cosmos was revered. When you combine the idea of high technology with the idea that the motions of the stars and planets in the heavens were regarded as sacred, then there is much more going on here at a much deeper level than we currently understand.

Episode 4 – The Empowered Human

Episode 4 delves into the way that the ancients lived as a matriarchal society. Unlike today’s patriarchal society, the ancients ruled with a balance of masculine and feminine principles. A matriarchy is not the opposite of a patriarchy where women would lord over the men, rather it is more of a cooperative and shared responsibility that takes into account both the masculine and the feminine together in a shared, give and take manner.

Episode 5 – A New Chronology

Episode 5 takes into consideration that the modern academic community may have the chronology of Ancient Egypt all wrong. There are only a few methods for dating. Carbon dating requires organic material and there is very little available to check. Archeological dating involves pot shards and strata and can be deceiving. Geological dating points to evidence such as the weathering of the Sphinx enclosure. This theory, as put forth by Robert M. Schoch, appears to point to the Sphinx as being built in a much older time than is currently held. Ancient Egypt researcher, Robert Bauval also puts forth the idea that ancient Egyptian sites are much older than currently accepted. He points out that they were deliberately built in alignment with the stars and that the stars were in alignment with the sites at a much earlier time than when they are currently believed to have been constructed.

More Questions Than Answers

The Pyramid Code raises a lot of questions to consider. Are the pyramids much much older than is currently accepted – perhaps tens of thousands of years older? Did the ancients possess advanced technology? Did human consciousness play an important role in their lives such as in the healing arts or energy? What was the real function of the pyramids? They do not appear to be burial structures. Why were the motions of the stars and planets so important and how did they play a role in their decision making? Should we be paying closer attention to it? What are the long cycles of time and how did they figure it out? Do the great ages usher in changes in consciousness? Who were the ancient people, really? What were they like? What were their lives like? Do they have something to teach us?

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