Turn Off The TV and Wake Up

The Disclosure Project 2001 National Press Club Event was a wake-up call that things are not as they seem. That event, which occurred more than 11 years ago, along with the recent Citizen Hearing on Disclosure received little press in the mainstream news.

turn-off-the-tvThe 2001 event should have shattered any notion put forth by official channels, which have done their best to squash the truth about the existence of UFOs or extraterrestrial visitation. But that story, as well as the current story at the Citizen Hearing, seemed to have no place in mainstream news.

The reason is because corporate-owned mainstream media does not want the truth to be told. In fact, as shocking as this may sound, corporate news has asserted in court that they have a constitutional right to report lies.

Mainstream News Asserts its Right in Court to Report Lies

Watch this 10 minute video from two news reporters who uncovered a huge story that most of the milk produced in the U.S was unsafe to drink. Their story could have given people the information they needed to improve their health. The television viewing public could have been made aware of a correctable problem and could have taken measures to avoid the problem. Instead, they were fired by their bosses for blowing the whistle.


The fired employees went to court and, initially, it looked like they would win their case. But, their case was lost on appeal. Incredibly, the court ruled that it was the constitutional right of a news organization to be able to report lies.

Common sense would tell us that the FCC should either levy a fine or pull the license of a news organization that deliberately puts forth lies.

People assume that something so outrageous can’t possibly be true.

Therein lies the problem.

This is how normal people think. They think, “This can’t be right. It just doesn’t make sense.” So they are not alert and they don’t pay attention or ask questions. What is needed on the part of the citizenry is critical thinking. Not only must the visible facts be weighed, but also there must be consideration for facts that are missing. Facts which are not included (that should be included) must be taken into consideration along with facts that don’t add up.

We Need an Alert and Knowledgeable Citizenry

Although this example has to do with milk and not UFO secrecy, the topic is related because this was done by the same news media that has been controlled by the same PTB (powers that be) in all these years that the truth about UFOs has been hidden.

President Eisenhower issued the following warning in January 1961:

“Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals.”

People must take a different viewpoint on the mainstream news and question these kinds of things. It would be more alert to assume they are telling lies rather than assume they are telling the truth. How can people possibly make sound judgements about the world they live in without accurate information? Clearly, if you want to enslave a population, feed them a steady diet of lies.

The television and mainstream news media work against a person in more than one way. Not only is the information mostly bogus, but also it blinds the viewer under a hypnotic shroud of dullness and confusion. This second part adds insult to injury. It is much worse than merely receiving some faulty information. It’s the steady drone of light and sound and other fascination that puts one to sleep, keeping one unaware and unalert.

Turn Off The TV or at Least Curtail its Use

Stop participating in things that make you less aware and less alert and start doing things that make you more aware and more alert. It’s time to wake up. Stop watching mainstream media and start getting your news from new media and alternative news media.

This can be hard to do in most households. First, this is surely to be an unpopular idea. Second, the extent to which television influences one’s world view can be unbelievable. At the very least, the number of television programs watched should be cut back in most households. Many parents have realized this and put limits on the amount of television and the types of programs their children are allowed to watch. This is a positive step.

Getting the news from new media and alternative news media can take awhile to figure out. There is too much information on the Internet. One has to individually pick and choose from a myriad of Internet news sources to strike a sensible balance and to be adequately informed. In this case less is definitely better, but it is a far cry better than mainstream news.

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