Zero Point Documentary Now Available on Vimeo

The documentary film “Zero-Point: the Story of Mark McCandlish and the Fluxliner” is now available to view on


Zero-Point is a story about the personal experiences of technical illustrator, Mark McCandlish, and a drawing he made of a secret, man-made space vehicle. The film was the project of producer, James Allen, who passed away from cancer before his film was released and in whose memory the film is dedicated.


The flying disc, which is the subject of the film, is called an “Alien Reproduction Vehicle” or “ARV” which incorporates back engineered alien technology and is capable of faster than light speed.

The craft uses an advanced, anti-gravity propulsion system using zero-point energy, the energy of the quantum vacuum, which is present everywhere in the universe.

This is a film about secrecy, black projects and the possibility of a secret space program about which the common citizen has no knowledge.

The film has been eagerly awaited and is finally available to the public after having been in production for a few years, now.

The video url is:

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