New Energy

New Energy systems are being sought that derive power from the zero point (or quantum vacuum) that exists all around us. It is estimated that there is enough energy in one cubic centimeter of space (not only outer space, but also space right here on Earth) to power the Earth for a day.


Scientists know about this energy field and are aware that all matter interacts with it. The question is whether energy can be extracted from the zero point energy field and if so, how? A 1997 documentary was produced called “Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point” distributed by Lightworks Audio & Video which deals with the subject.

This is the main connection between disclosure about the existence of UFOs because if extra terrestrial intelligent life is traveling to Earth, then the next question would be on the order of, “What kind of energy are they using to get here?” or “How are they getting the energy to do it?” Indeed, it is ironic that a possible solution to our energy problems lies in a connection with UFOs and the secrecy surrounding the subject for more than a half century.